As mentioned before, the 2017 Regional Leadership Conferences will offer several different MicroLearning opportunities.

The second MicroLearning session will be entitled Let's Be Geniuses: You have the potential to create a life that is a work of art and uncovering the unique design of your life is a journey. There are lots of stops along the way. Discovering your special genius and finding your passions are the structure on which you will unfold your life.

For this session you will discover how to identify your own talents & values. A team (or chapter) is comprised of diverse talents. High performing individuals combine: Self-Awareness & Authenticity. Participants will become aware of their Behaviors (how they interact) and Values.

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What is MicroLearning? "MicroLearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners are in control of what and when they're learning."