I should have known from the start never to associate myself to the people that do not love me at all. But I still did it anyway. It all started when I met this lady, her name is Gina. I thought that this woman was the one I was looking for my whole life. I dedicated most of my time and effort for her so that she might just notice me for as little bit, but I was wrong. Gina was just with me because she got dumped by her past boyfriend. I was just the man who makes her feel better but never really loved by her. It really hurt me when I discovered the truth but I could not really do something about it. It’s a big issue for me to live a life without her but I really do not have a choice. I want to make things better for her but I feel like I could not. I tried very hard to make this woman truly love me but all I did was fail in the end. I did not know what else I could do at all. That’s why I turned to the people I know who truly cares. One of that people is a London escort. Her name is Sonya; I never really believed that she and I would fall in love. I always looked at this London escort as only a friend. But when we got closer to each other the more I realise that maybe we are just the right match. This Beautiful London escort is very friendly to me because we had already known each other for a very long time. There is not a lot of things that we do not know about ourselves. This woman is a good thing for me because I have no doubt she has only good intentions with me. I want to be with this kind of people and not the one like my e girlfriend. This London escort makes me feel better even though I am not the kind of man that he deserves. She clearly can do better than me but it seems like she does not think so. believe that this London escort still loves me very much and I did not really expected that, I guess that there is something good that can happen during my past relationship which was just a disaster. I know that I can still be a good person but I do not know what more I can do to make people believe in me. With this London escort I feel like I have no one to impress at all. She is already in love with me and I do not feel like I have to do something more to impress her. I want people like her in my life more and more. I am sure that I will not miss the past.

I told myself never to fall in love again.
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