Master of Ceremonies
Steve Wymer
Washington State University, ‘01

Convention Parliamentarian
John Covert

Georgia Institute of Technology, '72


Convention Recorder
Sean Grealy

Hofstra University, '16

Sergeant At Arms
Brendon Albert

Temple University, '13

Sergeant At Arms
Justin Soniat

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, '11


Closing Keynote Speaker
Sean Stephenson

DePaul University, '01

Friday Lunch Invocation
Zach Bado

University of Wisconsin, '18

Student Liaison
Miles Carrier

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, '18

Province Leaders

West Province Leader(s): Max Jasper (University of San Diego, '11)

South Province Leader(s): Adrian Gonzalez (University of Texas at Austin, '78), Ross Walters (University of Louisiana, '02) & Tyler Groover (Georgia Southern University, '17)

Midwest Province Leader(s): Mark Casper (University of Nebraska, '17) & Larry Dorocke (Purdue University, '68)

Mideast Province Leader(s): Jake Centra (University of Pittsburgh, '17) & Brendon Albert (Temple University, '13)

Great Lakes Province Leader(s): Jon Blanton (Trine University, '17), Joe Przybyla (Lewis University, '01) & Doug Dilling (Kansas State University, '84)

Northeast Province Leader(s): Jason Supplee (Seton Hall University, '17), Dan Bureau (University of New Hampshire, '95) & Matthew Runkle (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, '11)

On-Site Staff

Executive Vice President - Robert W. Riggs - 317-536-4747

Director of Membership Experience - Isaiah Adona - 317-727-3816

Director of Development - Ben DeLost - 317-767-1133

Director of Finance and Operations - Sarah Everhart - 317-536-4746

Director of Brand Management - Keith Harshbarger - 317-536-4750

Director of Advocacy and Outreach - Stephen Lee - 317-473-9263

Accounting Clerk - Bill Ryan - 317-536-4749