COLLEGIATE Events Overview

Find out more about events held below.

2017 Servant Leadership Summit // Indianapolis, IN

We want qualified Alumni to help chapters succeed. We will be offering training on chapter finance, chapter awards success and chapter budgeting. Won’t you please consider attending this beneficial event to your chapter?

2018 Social Impact Event // Orlando, Fl

Social Impact is who we are, so in 2018 Phi Kappa Theta will be holding a Social Impact focused Conference in Orlando, FL.

Similar to the 2016 Quo Vadis, the 2018 conference, also known as 'SI18', will help Brothers generate social solutions with TED talk style speakers sharing their passions.

We will be partnering with the Rosen Plaza Hotel as well as other groups in the Orlando area.

Regional Leadership Conferences

Regional Leadership Conferences provide brothers the opportunity to learn through interactive workshops. Brothers are immediately challenged to put their new lessons to work by applying their workshop-learned skills through immersion experiences.

Historically defined by geographic location, Regional Leadership Conferences allow brothers from across the country to build bonds with fellow brothers who share the same social impact interests.