Omaha, Nebraska RLC (Jan. 27-28, 2018)

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Omaha, Nebraska RLC (Jan. 27-28, 2018)


Omaha Marriott: 10220 Regency Cir, Omaha, NE 68114

Hotel reservations will be made for you upon registering for the event.  

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Not sure if this RLC is the right location for you?
We recommend the following chapters attend this RLC:

  • Colorado State University

  • Iowa State University

  • University of Iowa

  • University of Nebraska,-Lincoln

  • University of South Dakota


  1. Lead Facilitator: Dr. Michael S. Brown

  2. Alumnus Facilitator: Anthony Preston (Northern Illinois University, '10)

  3. Board Liaison: Joe Przybyla (Lewis University, '01)

  4. UGAC Member: Jared Grieve (Kansas State University)

  5. Daniel Lupo (Colorado State University)

  6. Benjamin Markworth (Colorado State University)

  7. Shane McKillip (Colorado State University)

  8. Cristian Mendez (Colorado State University)

  9. Tanner Nickels (Colorado State University)

  10. Samuel Fitzgerald (Iowa State University)

  11. Bryce Frey (Iowa State University)

  12. Noah Parks (Iowa State University)

  13. John Scheffler (Iowa State University)

  14. Lawson Townley (Iowa State University)

  15. Ryan Blum (Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  16. Coleman Cooper (Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  17. Mitch Fisher (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  18. Josh Froeschl (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  19. Benjamin Hintz (Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  20. TJ Kessler (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  21. Gregory Tracey (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  22. Jeb Vavak (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  23. Max Askew (University of South Dakota)

  24. Zach Borstad (University of South Dakota)

  25. Benjamin Chleborad (University of South Dakota)

  26. Wyatt Hansen (University of South Dakota)

  27. Trevor Hovaldt (University of South Dakota)

  28. Curtis Plueger (University of South Dakota)

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No refunds will be given for no-shows. Substitutions are gladly accepted at any time.